Nimbus was created by Aaron aOx Lininger from 2008 to present. He graduated with  a B.A. in Media arts & Animation in 2009. "Nimbus" is Developed  under the company  name aOx-Arts, established in Denver, co.

      Nimbus is a non-profit animated graphic novel.

 It is a story of an oddball team of characters; Shelly, Borris, and Jedda who must  learn to overcome despair in a corrupt world overtaken by pollution, climate  change, and mass global industrialization. The story begins with Borris & The  Revogs. Their tale is the intro to the upcoming graphic novel and was made  into a short story to give some background to a few of the key characters of  the novel. "Nimbus" the novel itself will consist of motion comics and  animated scenes. The chapters will be released in sections and we here at  aOx-Arts are very excited about the story that is unfolding and cannot wait to  share our hard dedicated work.

  Nimbus © 2013